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The Powergolfer people with disabilities is a quality product available that enables them to carry out leisure activities in nature, and various sports.

Main function: The power wheelchair allowed in all activities an upright posture. To a standing function was developed for the Power golfers and integrated with the current state of technology is ahead. About the control panel, the seat of power golfers using motor-powered lifting device from the horizontal to the vertical position is taken. At the same time adjust the angle of the backrest and footrest so that the user with knee and chest strap a dimensionally stable, comfortable, upright position assumes that the normal standing is very close. Due to the continuous linear between the two end positions can "sit" and "standing" any position to be taken. Is moving in the standing position at any time and also conveniently possible.

The Powergolfer is particularly suitable for use with the following diseases:

* Paralysis
* Spinia Bifida
* Cerebral palsy
    * Multiple Sclerosis
    * Muscular Dystrophy
* Polio

The Powergolfer is particularly characterized by its off-road capabilities, for example for use on a golf course or a public park. Through his powerful drive system that is powered by two 12 V lead-acid traction batteries, and the right tires, allowing the golfer a good Power overcome obstacles and provide safe and comfortable ride characteristics. The steering of the Powergolfer via the differential control of the drive wheels. The rear wheel is turning freely around the axle, making an excellent maneuverability of the power is achieved and golfers such as a possible contact at the agency.

The Powergolfer is ideal for use in groups - with just a few steps is the wheelchair to different physical conditions - size, leg length, back height adjustable etc.. This means that not only individuals but also groups its Powergolfer embed in their free time and get out of the experience enhanced freedom of movement motivation for her life - that is our driving engine.

A new lease on life for disabled people

Thanks to the Powergolfer,wheelchair users are discovering unprecedented freedom and independence. The upright position not only boosts the user’s confi dence (he or she can fi nally stand at eye level to others), it also has a therapeutic eff ect.

Powergolfer Edition 2011!

The Revolution in Golf

Try the Powergolfer. You’ll be inspired!

The Powergolfer combines two functions: standing up and upright movement. The Powergolfer is also easy to use: its sophisticated, the new technology can be operated only with the joystick. Thanks to its tough chassis and twin high-performance motors, the Powergolfer can easily master inclines of up to 30° and slanted surfaces up to 17°. Depending on surface conditions, it has a range of up to 40 km

A new lease on life for disabled people

Thanks to the Powergolfer, wheelchair users are discovering unprecedented freedom and independence. The upright position not only boosts the user’s confi dence (he or she can finally stand at eye level to others), it also has a therapeutic effect. The Powergolfer also promotes circulation of blood, helps digestion, reduces spasticity and prevents joint calcifi cation.

Open up new horizons in your life.


That’s what wheelchair user Christian Nachtwey were aiming to do when he set out to develop the Powergolfer. Though originally intended as an aid for disabled recreational golfers, the Powergolfer is now vastly improving quality of life in all situations, not just on the golf course. With the Powergolfer, you can gain new levels of individual freedom and enjoy a new lease on life. The Powergolfer has been specially optimized for use on the golf course. Since it places such a small load on the ground (about one third that of a pedestrian), it does not damage the greens. The Powergolfer allows you to play on an equal basis with non-disabled golfers. Even bunker play is no problem.

Enjoy the game !

Easy adjustment system


The model 2011 is adapted particularly for the needs of groups, rehabilitation centers and organizations, who want to used the Powergolfer for practice. Many altering possibilities for all heights.

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Wir veranstalten gemeinsam mit unserem Partner, dem Behinderten Golfclub Deutschland e.V. , bundesweit Schnupperkurse und Integrationsturniere.

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Auch der BGC Österreich ist einer unserer Partner.

Im letzten Jahr richtete der BGC Österreich die Europameisterschaften der Golfer mit Behinderung aus. Schauen Sie doch mal rein.

....der Powergolfer in Aktion

Von Januar bis März 2011 veranstalten wir wieder , gemeinsam mit dem Kur hotel Mar Y Sol und dem Golfplatz Los Pallos Schnupperkurse für interessierte Urlauber . Der Aufenthalt im Mar Y Sol ist für körperlich benachteiligte Menschen ein reines Vergnügen, da sich das ganze Hotel und auch die Umgebung 100 % behinderten freundlich darstellt und auf alle Belange von behinderten Menschen eingestellt ist.

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Die NGG Holland ist ebenfalls unser Partner . Die NGG engagiert sich stark in der Förderung des Behinderten Golf Sport in Holland .









Die F.I.G.D. ist schon seit Jahren unser Partner .

Sie ist die einzige anerkannte Behindertengolf Organisation in Italien



Unser Partner die EDGA ist die Dachorganisation  des Behinderten Golf Sport in Europa. Es sind 16 Länder in der EDGA vereinigt. Wir haben unter anderem den technischen Support bei der EM in 2010 für die EDGA zur Verfügung gestellt.

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Grün/ Länder der EDGA

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,, Dr. Hochmuth,

European Association GolfPhysioTherapy e.V.

setzt sich genau wie wir, seit Jahren für gesundes Golfen von nicht bihinderten  und behinderten Menschen ein !l