Idea and history of the Powergolfers

His handicap golfers Christian Nachtwey tells you. "I can not walk," he says. Pause. During the 47-year-old blurted out the words so loosely-light, as he asked the caddy to another iron, stops the party. Only now it dawns on the ambiguity of the question. Nachtwey smiles. Of course he knows well that the strength is meant on the green - and is about 21.7.
"I want to achieve the medium term, 17-18," says Nachtwey. A value that compels an already healthy athletes a lot of respect. In this case, the combination becomes even more impressive. For Christian Nachtwey's just not a healthy athlete. No longer! Since a traffic accident he is confined to a wheelchair. ,, T12 complete, loud the diagnosis, he says. Translated for medical laymen: "Below the navel I'm paralyzed." On 6 June 1997 takes his life within seconds, a dramatic turn.

The accident

"It means that it takes about two years, until the head sits in a wheelchair," he says. "I've realized the whole thing very quickly." And suppose the new situation. No longer able to go, "says Nachtwey, except for those affected in the least problem. "All the other restrictions are much more serious." So it is the treating doctor bluntly about relatively informed that he had to check off his great passion in the future. "The thought, I can not forget the golf," says Nachtwey. Instead, he had been advised to concentrate on diving or swimming, "Because I at least still can do together with my wife."
The grim outlook raises Nachtwey's inventiveness. Because without the disease on golf? No, he is not ready. Nachtwey begins to try to work. In his workshop, the trained carpenter screwed old electric wheelchair apart and reassembled. Sought a solution that will kill two birds with one stone: Proposes terrain capability and Aufrichtfunktion. "The first frame I built out of wood," he grins. "Our village blacksmith had to rebuild the frame made of metal." Nearly four years go by, until all details are mature.

The patience has paid off. Using the so-called Power golfer is out of the seemingly hopeless case has become a champion. Nachtwey is one of the elite of Behindertengolfs. He is captain of the German national disabled Gulf admits in international tournaments regularly medals and trophies from. To date, the greatest triumph of the European Championship is 2001.

Who now assumes that the good results are based on hard training sessions, which is taken aback. "That I can not afford me," says Nachtwey. "For that I lack the time." Finally, he is a businessman. Nachtwey puts a special device developed by him, the power golfers. In addition, he directs the office of the Disabled Golf Club Germany eV. Partner Bettina (43) as a secretary with his right hand. Both work as volunteers for the BGC. Out of pure enthusiasm, as he says. But with a clear mission. "We want to reduce fear of contact is and show people that disabled people, in society and on the golf course to normality and the sport of golf is a very good treatment option for people with disabilities.



Wir veranstalten gemeinsam mit unserem Partner, dem Behinderten Golfclub Deutschland e.V. , bundesweit Schnupperkurse und Integrationsturniere.

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Auch der BGC Österreich ist einer unserer Partner.

Im letzten Jahr richtete der BGC Österreich die Europameisterschaften der Golfer mit Behinderung aus. Schauen Sie doch mal rein.

....der Powergolfer in Aktion

Von Januar bis März 2011 veranstalten wir wieder , gemeinsam mit dem Kur hotel Mar Y Sol und dem Golfplatz Los Pallos Schnupperkurse für interessierte Urlauber . Der Aufenthalt im Mar Y Sol ist für körperlich benachteiligte Menschen ein reines Vergnügen, da sich das ganze Hotel und auch die Umgebung 100 % behinderten freundlich darstellt und auf alle Belange von behinderten Menschen eingestellt ist.

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Die NGG Holland ist ebenfalls unser Partner . Die NGG engagiert sich stark in der Förderung des Behinderten Golf Sport in Holland .









Die F.I.G.D. ist schon seit Jahren unser Partner .

Sie ist die einzige anerkannte Behindertengolf Organisation in Italien



Unser Partner die EDGA ist die Dachorganisation  des Behinderten Golf Sport in Europa. Es sind 16 Länder in der EDGA vereinigt. Wir haben unter anderem den technischen Support bei der EM in 2010 für die EDGA zur Verfügung gestellt.

Grün/ Länder der EDGA
Grün/ Länder der EDGA

Unser Partner

,, Dr. Hochmuth,

European Association GolfPhysioTherapy e.V.

setzt sich genau wie wir, seit Jahren für gesundes Golfen von nicht bihinderten  und behinderten Menschen ein !l